Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheap Sex :Tourism In Bali

DENPASAR-Tourism in Bali did not get out of the sex business. Women from different areas 'available' to provide services for men lust masher, including the fathers of the city of Bandung.

Anyone would agree, Bandung is famous for the pretty girls. And a small part of Bandung's fathers fall prostitution on the island.

Based on the search, the location is quite a favorite for men who want to vent their lust sahwat as usual to travel to Bali Kuta Beach with locations around Legian and Sanur.

Two of the area is well known as the business district Sex local female sex workers. In general, these women come from Java. And London dominate PSK(=bitch)  mentioned in this location.

Call it, Debi, fathers Bandung 25-year-old seems plain. He claimed only two months in Bali working as a prostitute. At first she was offered work with a high salary offer. However, in the end he fell into the world of "black".

"Initially, I was offered work in a cafe in Bali. Once here, turned out to work beginian. I actually wanted to go, but could not do much because they do not have a fare to go home, "said the woman from this Cicaheum.

According to him, all the prostitutes from Sanur indebted to the "boss" of Rp12 million. Amount of money charged to the girls to cover the cost of transportation, housing, food, clothing, and means of communication.

Rates PSK(=Bitch)
Although the sex rate in Bali is higher than in London. However, the PSK is just not getting the money.

Lowest rates commercial sex workers in the region Rp300.000(=US$ 30). However, workers are only getting 50,000(=US$ 5). The rest, into the pockets of employers.

"In one night I could be two to three times to serve guests. Because women there are 20 people here so pretty competitive, "said the woman's stature semok.

In general, guests who "diservisnya" is the population of Indonesia. For foreign tourists, is available in a special place.

Similar experiences, Sprott, 23, fathers origin Cicadas, Bandung. According to him, many women from Bandung who fall into prostitution on the island known as a tourist center.

"If I had three months of work in Bali. I miss my family at home. They were him I work here at the hotel. Want to go home, but afraid of the boss and guarded threat, "he said.

Besides do not have the money to go home, he said he did not know the way to go. Therefore, he hoped to get the help that could make it back to his home in the city of Bandung because he claimed to work as a prostitute is no more than an "ordeal".

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